Geant Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based professional services firm with a focus on early stage innovation and ventures. If you are embarking on a new venture, innovation program or commercialising research and innovation and need some additional expertise the check out our services and contact us for how we can help.

Innovation Management

Undertaking any innovation program presents its own unique challenge, with opportunity and uncertainty the primary drivers. Our Innovation Management services help your organisation and teams establish the framework and thinking you need to define an innovation strategy, set realistic objectives, undertake detailed planning and to execute within an effective framework to realise your initiative.

Our Innovation Management services include:

- Innovation Strategy, Planning and Execution

- Incubation Management of Disruptive and Transformative Innovation

- Engagement, guidance and support for Boards, Executives and Teams

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New Ventures

Creating and building a new venture with strong growth and scale potential is tough. Establishing product market fit, building a team and operation that can deliver and ensuring the foundations for success are in place to move ahead and grow into a global market is the balance to be made. We can help you by bringing our understanding of incubational growth and value creation strategies for the new venture.

Our New Venture services include:

- New Venture Business Strategy, Planning and Execution

- Governance, Advisory and Executive Support

- Establishment, Incubation, Raising and Scaling – Execution Expertise

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Research Commercialisation

Translation of research through commercialisation to deliver impact is hard. How can research outcomes and expertise effectively migrate into viable solutions that maximise value? Our services bring together the frameworks, expertise and resources to translate research into solutions and organisations to realise value and impact.

Our Research Translation and Commercialisation services include:

- Understanding Value and Commercialisation Impact Assessments for IP

- Commercialisation Strategy, Planning and Execution

- Incubation and Early Stage Commercialisation Execution and Guidance

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